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Single Screw Pump or Mono Pump Working, Construction, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Single Screw Pump These types of pumps are called single screw pumps. They are also known as mono pumps or progressive cavity pumps. These are normally slow speed pumps high discharge pressure and low discharge rate. These pumps are called …

What is Lambda Control at ship

Lambda Control is a control system for the control of air-fuel ratio in engine. It is used to regulate the excess fuel injection in combustion chamber of marine engine when there is a change in load. Lambda controller performs by …

ISM Code, Purpose and Certification

ISM Code stands for International Safety Management Code. Safety = A state in which risk of harm to persons or damage to property or environment is limited to an acceptable limit (Danger Free) Management = handling or controlling (to minimize …

What is Scavenge Fire, Cause, Indications and Actions

Scavenge Fire It’s also called as Scavenge Air Fire or Scavenge Space Fire. It’s the most deadly fire on ship. Note on Fire Fire has three essential components i.e. Fuel, Heat and Oxygen. Source of fuel may be unburnt fuel, …

Concept of Starting of Marine Diesel Engine

2-stroke engine is reversible and 4-stroke engine is irreversible generally. Propeller thrust must be reversible for manoeuvring. Manoeuvring is easy in 2-stroke engine, because 1 rotation of crankshaft makes 1 rotation of camshaft also. Requirements Compressed air (for air starting …

Timing Diagram of 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Engine

Timing Diagram of marine diesel engine is nothing but the angular representation of opening and closing of valves of engine. It is controlled by camshaft in 4-stroke and some 2-stroke engines. Intelligent Engines are camless engines. Timing diagram is used to understand the …

Understanding of Freight and Freight Rate

Freight is the goods carried by ship/train/truck/aircraft. It is the goods transported in bulk by ship. More specifically it is Ocean Freight. Freight rate is the cost of transporting goods. Or, freight rate is a price at which a certain …

Inert Gas System at Ship, Types, Function and Safeties

Inert Gas System at ship (generally for Tankers) is of very high importance.  At normal conditions, inert gas doesn’t react with other substances. It has very less reactivity. It may be in elemental or compound form. Also, gases having less …

What is Fuse, Types, Working and HRC Fuse

Fuse was patented by Thomas Edison in 1890. It’s an over-current protection device. Also called current interrupting device. It is very simple and low cost device for interrupting the circuit during over-current situation like short circuit, electrical faults etc. Fuse …

Overspeed Trip : A Safety Feature

Over Speed Trip is a safety feature for the engines of ship (auxiliary engines, main engine). It is used to restrict the uncontrolled acceleration of the engines during emergency. It prevents the speed of engine exceeding the set speed (desired …

What is Drydock, Types of Drydock, Drydocking and Preparation

Dry docking means place a ship in a dry dock. Dry docking is the process and Dry-dock is the place where it is done. It’s done in China first time and In India Bombay Port Trust is giving dry docking …

Importance and Working of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) is a control system. As its name suggests, It is not possible to operate manually. Basic function It stabilises the output voltage of generator. It divides the reactive load between the generators in parallel operation. It …

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